Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Is Exciting!!!

I'm wondering if you're getting the same response as I am? Have you told anyone about our retreat yet??? ... the eyes light up, a smile comes to their face, and it just seems to lift their spirit ---- and they've not even attended yet! I believe there are many women out there who are looking for something like this. Let's not deny them the privilege. Spread the word!!!

As you spread the word, be sure to tell them that we want them to take an active part. Encourage them to join the pajama fashion show, prepare a skit with a few of their friends - or even do a monologue. We want all the women to be a part of this!!!

Speaking of the pajama fashion show - have you got your "outfit" planned yet? Some are shopping ---- but many are creating from what they have. I think they have the better idea. After all, just what kind of pajamas are you going to find around here anyway!!! I can't wait to see what you girls come up with!!! You know I'll be amazed because I don't have a drop of creativity in my body! I'll be awed by everyone!

Don't forget the fundraiser. The deadline is March 8th. I have had very good response to this. I hope you have too. If you can't sell, at least look to see if there is something you want to purchase. There is a book at the Information Center if you need to see it. I have more books, also, if you need one to either order or sell from.

Be sure you sign up and keep spreading the word. Sign up list is at the Information Center also. I want to fill the house.

Oh yea - do you want to know who our speaker is???? It's Terri Brassfield!!! She is one of the best and funniest inspirational speakers I know. What a woman!!! She will have you laughing, crying, rejoicing, and saying "oh my" all at the same time. Her spirit is contagious!!! If you've never heard her, I promise - you will love her!!!

Looking forward to this because....."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

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