Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey, girls! I know I haven't been very good about posting. Sorry. The past few months have been a bit rough. I should have dealt with this a long time ago!!...Of course that wonderful 2 and a half weeks of flu didn't help. What a double wammy! - but I am feeling and doing so much better. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

While I was parked on the couch not able to do much, my mind was still rolling. I really wanted to do this for Mother's Day, but it just couldn't happen. So, we will move on.

June 12 is the day - Friends, Flip Flops, and Chocolate. It's going to be a fun morning. Everyone gets a free pair of flip flops to "design." Christina is going to show us ways to decorate and design some really cute flip flops. Kristi Robertson is going to bring her new foot care/pampering products. I've heard it's all the rage! She's going to show us how to get summer feet. We're going to talk about how God knows how to flip a flop..... and eat chocolate while we're doing all this. It's really going to be fun. At the end, we will have a drawing for a free pedicure from Leah. I've heard she is REALLY good at these!!!

I need everyone to sign up at the Information Center. We will need your flip flop size by June 6th. Feel free to invite friends and family members. The more the merrier!!!

I love you girls. You'll never know how special you are to me! See ya June 12!