Friday, August 14, 2009


This week's featured sister does not use a computer. So, everyone tell her you saw her online. She'll be amazed! I'm talking about Sue Miller.

Sue is a gift - literally! She was born on Christmas day. She is a housewife and in her words, "Jack of all Trades and Master of None." Sue grew up and still lives in Kennett.

If you spend any time around Sue, you will learn that she loves Brother Gary and her 3 children, but she really loves her grandchildren. She has 3 children - Leigha, Lisa and Chris. They have blessed her with 5 grandchildren - Zachary, Hillary, Taylor, Hannah, and Logan. SHE LOVES HER FAMILY!!!

Sue was saved on a Sunday morning in 1965 at 3rd Street Baptist Church. Just think - she has served the Lord over 40 years! What a testimony, Sue!

Her favorite Scripture is I can do all things through Christian which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13. She says, "I really believe this for me!" Sue proved this during this past year when she was very sick and required a couple surgeries and long hospital stays. She depended on the Lord and He got her through.

Sue is a woman after most of our hearts - she loves to shop and anything chocolate!!! If you go to her house, you will quickly realize another thing she loves is to work with flowers. She enjoys reading and the smell of pomegranate.

Sue likes to make people laugh. She proved that last night as she shared some funny stories about children with the ladies. "Sometimes I make people laugh without meaning too. I'm too serious most of the time."

Sue, we love you. We're so glad you're one of our Sisterz.

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