Sunday, November 29, 2009


It was so much fun working together to decorate the church tonight. There's nothing like a church family. The church looks beautiful. Thank you to everyone who gave their time tonight.

I guess the season is well under way. I've been enjoying the chick flick Christmas movies!!! Poor Pastor! Living with 2 women is not easy. I've done a bit of shopping, but not very much. I've been trying to develop a list - then go do it all at once. Of course, I do that every year, but it never works. I never seem to be able to get all my (ducks) events in a row and planned out. Somehow I seem to have to do them one at a time. It keeps me running. So much for a plan!

How is your Christmas season going? I hope you're getting it all in without too much stress and strain. Some of the things we consider important, really aren't. If we can keep that in mind, we will do better.

Well, I must prepare to go back to school tomorrow. I hate that!! These 5 days off have been great - but gone fast. Good point, though, is that we only have 3 weeks until we get off for 2 more. I love holiday breaks!!!

I hope all of you have a great Monday and a wonderful week. If I haven't told you lately, I love my Sisterz!!! Have a good week!

Sister June

PS - Don't forget about the book study at Patty Ann's Tuesday @ 6:00.

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