Monday, May 4, 2009


Good Monday Morning! I just want to pray a blessing over you this morning as we begin a new week. Father, I thank you for my sisters in Christ. I thank you for the love we share both between one another and in You. I pray that you will bless them as they begin this new week. I pray that you will bless their going in and coming out. Bless them as they work, bless them as they play, bless them in your Word and in their prayer time. God, I ask you to go before them and be their guide and protection against the wiles of the enemy. Guard their minds and hearts that they may hear and know You in their lives. Lord, I pray that You would meet their every need - physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional as they trust You. Bring peace and joy into their hearts, homes, and lives. May they find You to be richer and greater than ever before as they set themselves before You this week. May your goodness and mercy be extended to them in great measure.

God, I pray that you will also bless their families and their homes. May their homes be filled with Your presence and power, with love, joy, and peace. May our homes reflect You in every way.

We thank You for this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Ladies, may this be one of your best weeks ever. I love you.

Sister June

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