Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am so sorry I have not posted the past few days. The storm Friday took my internet service (again)! I love this high speed stuff, but I do lose service way too often. Just can't make myself go back to dial-up - which was reliable, but slow. Out here there aren't many choices (or should I say any choices), so I guess I'll have to put up and shut up.

Enough said, I hope all of you are having a great Mother's Day. We had something funny happen at our house. Pastor bought me the same purse for Mother's Day as Nickie picked out for her birthday. Now we're twinkies. We drug him along shopping for a purse for Nickie yesterday. She saw one she liked at the first store, but we decided to go to all the other stores we could find in Jackson to see if she found anything else she liked better. I really liked the one she picked out in the first store. Pastor, feeling sure that she would find something else at another store and that she probably would not come back and get that one, snuck back to the store and bought it for me. He just knew with all the other stores we were going to, Nickie would find something else - especially since she didn't get that one during the first visit to the store. Well, you guessed it - 3 hours later, we returned to the store and purchased the same purse for her as he had purchased for me earlier. Our challenge now - not to grab each other's purse on the way out the door!!!

I do hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day and that your children bless you today. There's nothing better than being a mother!

Love you, ladies!

Sister June

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