Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What an awesome weekend. The Lord moved in such a powerful way. I hate that some of you missed it. Isn't it wonderful the way God just knows how to show up and show out. There were visitors who heard about us through facebook. That was great! We had friends from other churches as well. ....Best of all - we all KNEW God was there.

It seems as if the Lord is speaking loud and clear to the church - pray - pray fervently, pray earnestly, pray together, pray!!! What does prayer accomplish? Think about it - God spoke about the hardest things and said they are accomplished through faith, prayer and fasting. That tells me that ANYTHING can happen through prayer.

What is the 'ANYTHING' you are needing and wanting? Commit it to prayer - earnest, fervent, and corporate prayer. I believe when we do this, God WILL move our mountains and meet our needs. We will enter a whole new level with God.

I love you, girls!! You are all so special to me.

Sister June

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