Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've heard from some of you lately and am excited to hear that you were preparing your nontalent. You know how the enemy works - telling me that no one but me is gonna get up there and do it! Thank you, girls, for being willing to join in on the fun!

I have been asked if you could do a video instead of "live." That is fine - just get with me so we can make sure we can play that format. I do need to know ASAP, though, since I am not completely techy and have to call on others sometimes. Also, I may need equipment I was not planning to use - so just get with me right away. I'll be more than glad to do all I can to help you!

I have received registrations from a couple other churches!!! That's so exciting. My dream and vision is that we could provide ministry to the area and not just to our church.

Although the registration deadline is today - you know our doors are NEVER closed! If there is someone who still wants to come, tell them to come on. They will not be able to purchase a t-shirt, but I will call the caterer last minute and adjust if I have to ---- or they can just have my meal. I don't care - I just want them to come!

I just can't believe this is going to be next Friday! I Can't Wait!!!

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