Monday, April 27, 2009


This word has been on my mind this afternoon. All God needs is our willingness and He takes it from there. This is a simple devotion, but very powerful if put into practice in our lives. Hope you had a great Mnoday!

A Miracle in You

The story is well known. A very large group of people, over 5,000, were following Jesus one day. They were listening to His teachings. The day was getting long, mealtime was past. Jesus and His disciples began discussing the question of feeding the crowd. Andrew spoke up saying, "There's a little boy here with a lunch of 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish."

Jesus replied, "Tell everyone to sit down." Then He took the lunch, gave thanks to God and gave it to His disciples to pass out to the people. When everyone had eaten and was full, the disciples gathered up twelve baskets of leftovers! A miracle was performed that day on the hillside because one small boy gave the little he had to Jesus.

How often we too possess a potential miracle. But, unlike the little boy, we do not yield it into the hands of Jesus to bless and use.

Have you ever felt like you have no talents? Or the talents you once used and enjoyed now seem lost somewhere in the busyness of jobs, car pools for the children, grandchildren, meals, diapers and dirty laundry?

Just as Jesus took those few loaves and fish and fed a multitude, He can also take our willingness to be used and touch other lives through us.

The little boy could have thought it absolutely pointless to ever offer such a small lunch when there were so many to be fed. He could have eaten the entire lunch himself and never known what a miracle was missed.

Let us be challenged by this small boy to offer to Jesus our talents, no matter how small WE feel they are. Let us not deprive ourselves, or others of seeing Jesus bless and use them.

I Love You Girls!!!

Sister June

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