Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, here I am - my first day of summer vacation. It started out with me waking up at my usual 6:00 - without the alarm, though. Isn't it funny how you can't peel your eyes open at 6:00 on a workday and you fight the alarm to the last minute - but, when you don't have to get up, you simply wake up. I had intentionally turned my alarm completely off yesterday morning when it went off - knowing I wouldn't have to get up this morning. So much for intentions!

I looked outside and saw the wonderful "welcome to summer" weather outside. So much for going out and listening to nature this morning! Well, I guess I could have listened to nature - rain and wind. I decided that wasn't the way I wanted to welcome summer.

So, I got online and checked my e-mail. I had an e-mail from Well, a few months ago I got on a kick and thought I would get myself well-versed in the coupon printing blitz and save us some money. I went from site to site for a few hours, got bored, and....well, the rest is history. I set the coupons aside and then had to throw them away because they expired!!! Then I look on my niece's website where she tells how she buys a couple baskets full of groceries for less than $100 - with coupons. So, I decided maybe it was time to give a bit more dedication to this procedure. So, I spent about another hour - printed a few coupons and signed up for a few cash-back deals from places I order online. I guess I've still not hit the jackpot website or something because my coupon total might be $5.00!!! I think I'm going to start talking one on one with my niece and find out all her tricks.

I would love to save on groceries like she does. You probably feel the same way I feel every time you go - how could that little cost that much??? I told Pastor the other night that we would really be in trouble if we bought snacks and junk food!!! We just buy the essentials!...and we don't have to have brand names either. I have heard some of the ladies talking about the deals at Piggly Wiggly and Hays lately. I may have to start shopping around a bit!! Anyway, that's what my morning has been about.

Today is Abby's birthday - so I wished her a happy 7th birthday today. They were taking her to Perkin's for her birthday breakfast. The girl LOVES her groceries!!! but, then - don't we all!!

I hope you are having a blessed day. Let's face it, girls - every day is blessed as we walk with our Father. He is so good to us! I just don't know what I would do without Him. Over and over we hear people ask, "How do people who don't know the Lord cope with life?" They don't sometimes - but we have such a hope. Aren't you thankful!

We have the last weekend of this month scheduled for a women's event. I am working on something for us. If you have any ideas - anything you would like to do either now or later - let me know. We want fellowship, fun, and the Word.

I love you girls! Have a blessed day!

Sister June

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