Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some of you have already heard about my saga with the phone company. After having Verizon service for many years, we decided to change because everyone else has AT&T. (Yes, we were following the crowd!) The phones we received were junk, so we called the 800 number for refunds and exchanges. What an experience!

They told us to look online to choose what we wanted to get in exchange. We did that and called with all the information. That's where the dilemna began! The representative told us she couldn't give us what was online because it was for new customers. I thought I was a new customer - I mean we'd had their service for a whole week!!! I asked how we were then supposed to know what we wanted. They don't offer a catalog, etc. The woman was extremely rude and tested me to my limit. I was so frustrated and wondered what in the world we had gotten ourselves into - and for 2 years!!

After a few days of digesting the rudeness of this woman and trying to figure out how we would choose different phones, we ventured to Dyersburg and Blytheville to resolve it and try to find what we wanted. We were told we would have to go to Memphis, Jonesboro, or Cape Girardeau to take care of this. The prices in the store were much higher than those online - more frustration!!! -- and I had to drive/spend gas money to get there.

I just knew none of this was fair, so I called the store in Jonesboro and got a wonderful representative. She was appalled at what we had been through, talked to her manager, and promised to make us a satisfied AT&T customer.

So, after another trip to Jonesboro, I can say we are satisfied. When all was said and done, we got better deals in the store than online. We walked away with 3 free phones! If I had only not had to pay for gas to figure this out, I would feel that I really got a good deal!! None the less, they did all they could to make it right.

You know, life deals us junk sometimes - things that just aren't fair and we find ourselves feeling helpless. Thankfully, though, we have a representative - Jesus - who stands in the gap for us and makes things right. Circumstances may not change, but He makes it well in our Spirit. Aren't you glad we have an advocate with the Father and He is always looking out for us!

If you have a dilemma today - frustrated, concerned, been done wrong - turn it over to Him. He will make you a satisfied customer!

Have a Great Thursday!

Sister June

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