Friday, July 31, 2009


This week's Feature Friday sister is one we ALL love so much - Sister C. She is such a kind, loving person - always looking after all of us. What a woman!!!

Cecilia grew up in Colorado Springs through third grade. She has lived in Steele ever since. (Wow, what a change!!). She has been married 33 years to Jerry. We all love Jerry!!!! She has 3 sons - Jerry Wayne, Joey, and Jonathan. We, as well as Cecilia, are blessed to have Jerry Wayne and Jonathan right here at Crossroads with us. Joey is in the Army stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood. Along with her 3 sons, she has 2 daughters-in-law. Jerry Wayne is married to Christina. Jonathan recently married Becca. We all love these two gals!!! Of course, we can't fail to mention the 4 grandchildren. If you've ever seen her after church, you know how she feels about them. They're like a magnet drawn to one another as soon as service is over!!!

Cecilia is a teacher at Pathway Christian Academy as well as an adult Sunday School teacher here at Crossroads. In addition to teaching, she is the Care Ministry leader. She is an ordained minister with the Church of God. She loves to teach and preach, but her real calling is very evident. Cecilia loves to love people - and she sure does a wonderful job of it. It's hard not to be the recipient at some point of her love and kindness. She is a servant. She serves God first - but she also serves our church and Pastor. She won't turn you down - no matter what you need. If she can do it, she'll be there for you.

One trait I admire about Cecilia is her desire to learn and grow in the Lord. She is a student of the Word as well as others who can impart wisdom and knowledge to her. She desires to know and act on the truths of God's Word. She works hard to have a Godly character.

Cecilia's Christian walk began at an early age when she accepted Christ as Savior, but life changed for her on November 3, 1996. She received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in a Baptist church. Yes, I said Baptist.

Cecilia and her family have attended Crossroads for 10 years. She celebrates this event every Father's Day. Her coming to Crossroads was delayed one week. On the morning of the first Sunday she was going to attend, she woke up to a flood in her house. Jerry had begun roofing her house - and well, a torrential rain decided to move in. There was water everywhere. So, there we were - wet and muddy running to Wal-Mart to get plastic to tarp the roof, putting out and empty pots and buckets - even light fixtures filled with water. It was quite an eventful day!!! She wasn't sure what that was a sign of - should she come or not!!! We're all thankful she didn't base her decision on this event! Needless to say, everyone got busy and got that roof done as soon as it got dry!

One of her greatest spiritual trials was when her son, Joey, was sent to Iraq. It was then that she learned how to fully trust God and receive the peace that passes all understanding. After all, she's the kind of parent that needs to talk with her children very often. How was she going to survive this. "God taught me to trust Him to take care of Joey. He also showed me that He cared more about him than even I did. Although it wasn't easy and I had a few moments, I was able to trust God to bring my son home and He did - twice. " God proved faithful as she fully trusted in Him.

C, we all love you so much. We admire your character, your humor, and your service to all - as well as your cooking (She's a GREAT cook!). If I could describe you in one word - it would be "faithful." You are faithful to God, your church, your family, your students.... You give your all and we love and appreciate marvelous you! Your blessings will be great!!

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  1. Who doesn't love Sister C? I have found her to be a true faithful servant of God. She has been there many times for me and my family and I can't thank her enough! Her words of kindess and encouragement are heartfelt. Thank you Sister C for being who God made you to be!!