Saturday, March 7, 2009

Days of Change

These are definitely days of change....the weather, the economy, nature. Last Saturday I watched the snow storm through my door and windows!!! As I look out the front door today, it seems odd. My spring flowers are beginning to open, birds are all over the yard singing and chirping- a sign of spring - yet the trees (what is left of them after the ice storm) are bare. The grass is spotted with dead patches and the bushes have only small buds on them. The calendar even says it's winter.

This makes me think of life. It changes. It may look like winter - even really be winter, yet feel and sound like spring. Sometimes it's up to us. I can look out today and choose to see either spring or winter.

It reminds me that winter doesn't last forever - spring will come....and it comes with beautiful sights and sounds. Whatever your "winter" may be, remember that spring will come...and with it will come beauty, warmth, refreshing sights and sounds.

I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday...and look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to be in God's house with my Sisterz!

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