Monday, March 9, 2009


Everyone seems to be so excited about the retreat! I talked to several at church yesterday. Their wheels were turning - coming up with ideas for "Crossroads Idol" Nontalent Show and the Pajama Fashion Show. Then I went to work today and the girls there were telling me that they were coming and what they were planning to do! Isn't that great - that we're offering something that is not only good for "us" - but is good for others outside our church. That excites me. I have always wanted to reach outside our 4 walls - but it seems so hard to get other churches involved. Maybe this will be the key.

Have you told others about the retreat??? I hope so. I've been surprised at how many outside the church would love to come to something like this. Just ask! The more the merrier! If you know someone interested in coming, I have a packet with a flier, schedule, t-shirt order form, and registration form in it. Just let me know.

So, have you signed up for the retreat yet??? Stop by the Information Center and put your name, check out the t-shirt and then......get your "talent" and PJ's ready. It's gonna be great!

I am so looking forward to spending this time together.....and I want YOU to be there with us.

Love you, girls!

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