Wednesday, March 25, 2009


...I found my pajamas!!! Okay, well, I'll repent, I didn't really find them - Rebekah did. Hurray for a daughter-in-law who knows how to shop for what you need. We saw a lot of good ideas out there - and plenty of them in clearance. Of course, you creative girls can probably make something great out of what you have. I wish I were that talented. Go for it girls!!!

While we were out, we got the door prizes too. I promise you don't want to miss out on a chance for them!! Ladies, this weekend is going to be so about you and having fun! My only regret is that it is still a month away. But...that's probably a good thing. It gives you time to get those pj's and plan your non-talent!!

Remember, I've got some resources if you need help with the talent part. I can download songs/music, have some karaoke... also some skits. Start thinking about some funny things that have maybe happened to you or just funny things about being a woman or mom....and begin writing about it. You'll have a song, story, cheer, or something out of it before you know it.

Love ya, Sisterz!!

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